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Inspiration for a custom cake design

Sweet For You Cakes has availability for your event date (YAY!), now comes the fun part of designing a one of a kind cake.

Inspiration is all around us and designing a one of a kind cake is no different. You can:

  • Scroll through our website, Facebook gallery or Instagram feed to see some of the cakes I have already created

  • Use search engines like Google and Pinterest to find cakes that other artists have created (whilst I advise all customers that I do not duplicate other artist's work, you can let us know what it is about those cakes you like and I can use that to create a new design)

  • Send myself a copy of your invitation

  • Give a colour scheme for myself to work with

  • Got an outfit you'll like to have represented in cake form, send us some photos (don't worry wedding couples, I won't share those details with your partner)

  • You can even send through artwork

Please don't be disheartened if in a Google/Pinterest search you can't find the exact cake you want, YOUR bespoke cake just needs to be designed FOR YOU.

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