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What happens at a wedding consultation?

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Firstly, I want to start by saying congratulations on your engagement! Whilst planning your dream wedding is super exciting, it can also be a little overwhelming at times. So I'm going to give you a run through of what happens at a wedding consultation to make booking your wedding cake a breeze.

You’ve checked out my website, liked what you saw, filled in the quote form and YAY! I have availability for your special day. We now have 2 options:

  1. In-person consultation

  2. Email/video call consultation

During our conversation we’ll discuss things like design inspiration (this could be things like wedding attire, colours, invitation, cakes you like the look of from Pinterest etc) and the overall feel you are wanting for your special day (rustic, simple, elegant, bold, glamorous), sizing options, budget & any special requirements you would like (want to keep the top tier for a later date, can’t have certain ingredients due to cultural/religious/dietary needs). As we start to narrow down the vision I will roughly sketch out some ideas so you as a couple can decide what direction the design takes.

Once all the nitty gritty details are sorted out, it’s time to sample some cake. If you’ve opted for an in-person consultation, you will get to sample the cake whilst we chat, and if you opted for an email/video call consultation then I will express post (or hand deliver if local) the samples for you to try in the comfort of your own home. At Sweet For You Cakes I do things a little differently as I don’t have a set menu. The reason for this is because I’ve come across too many couples (and my own wedding was no different) where they wanted the inside to be as unique as them. The cakes you sample are a selection of my most popular flavours and are also an example of how different additions (within the batter, in the icing or as a filling) can be incorporated to make the cake a reflection of you.

Now that the design and flavour/s have been decided, that concludes the consultation. I will then sit down and do a more detailed sketch, a formal quote based on the details discussed, and email you all the relevant information.

If you'd like to arrange a consultation for your special day, head to my quotes page ( and I look forward to chatting all things cake with you.

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